Joe Galarza,  painter, muralist, sculptor, ceramicist, musician, instrument maker and arts educator who grew up in El Sereno, an area of Los Angeles surrounded with gang violence and much self-hate and use art as a decolonizing tool. I have been painting murals for the past 25 years using art with the intention for social change and healing of community. I am currently working with tribal Tongva Elder’s of the greater Los Angeles area at Pitzer College to preserve their history and preservation through Muralism. I am Numunu / Tepehuan which is my indigenous family background and the goal of these projects is for the cultural preservation of their traditions and culture. 

Through my work as an artist and muralist I have seen the impact that my work has had within the communities of which I have served. Often in this process the journey of creating a mural leads towards healing and allows for self-representation of identity, empowerment and awareness through an artistic consciousness. Since 1994, I have been part of the international music group known as Aztlan Underground, which has toured throughout the United States, Spain, France, Basque country, Mexico, Australia, Venezuela, Canada , and throughout Indian Country using music as an educational tool to empower community into a future of healing.
Pipeline NDN #1
Oil on Canvas
These series were inspired by Standing rock on how we use prayer to protect our and relatives. 
Pipeline NDN #2
Oil on Canvas
This painting came out of the Standing rock resistance my work was inspired by myself being present and how indigenous people were united in such a way that they could not break us.
Peaceful Resistance 
Oil on Canvas
These are a series of paintings that came out of the Standing rock resistance.
Tomahawks of Peace
Oil on Canvas
This painting explains how we were inflicted by intergenerational Trauma and how it can affect our day to day life as we have gone through Residential schools,  substance abuse, and indoctrination by the United States Government. 
Oil on Canvas
This painting shows the impact of how Colonization and how the missionary system as well as residential schools impacted indigenous cultures and people to the level of prosecution.
land of brutality
acrylic on Canvas

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