Like most artists, art has been an integral medicine in my life. Artistic expression has opened a path to healing challenges and traumas that I've faced within my lifetime. Although these pieces share the underlying themes present in all of my work (healing and a woman's perspective), they are also a celebration of the relationship I have with the world around me. Plant and animal relatives have given wisdom and healing to many areas of my life and to share that relationship in these pieces is both a blessing and an honor.
Pokuu |One|
acrylic on canvas
Reflects the unique bond women share with Earth. Both have inherent wisdom, an astounding capacity to heal, and the ability to bring life into the world. This imbues a sacred connection to Spirit and an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things, all relatives. 
Both have also faced harm and abuse; having their gifts and resources forcibly taken by those in a self-serving state of consciousness. When the views towards one change, the attitude towards the other will follow. Therefore by respecting the women in our families, communities, nations, world, we respect Earth and all of her many gifts and vice versa.
Beaded Medallion and Acrylic on Wood
Messenger reflects the special connection Lauren shares with her Barn Owl relatives. From a young age, their presence has heralded important and life-changing incidents. This piece honors her relatives with the medicine of beadwork, which is a reflection of the medicine they have given her by walking with her on her path through this life.

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