Tracy Lee Nelson has been painting and sculpting since he was 17. Some of his Artwork can be seen at The Smithsonian Museum of the American Indians, A traveling Skateboard exhibit to 42 states, displaying three of Tracy's Native American Designs, on a modern day skateboard.
Attending Special Effects class in 1987 Los Angeles CA, with instructor and famous creator William Mumms, creator of the 1954 Horror movie "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" led to helping Universal Studios create their Dinosaurs for their Jurassic Park ride.   Tracy calls a recent  series of paintings "The Singing Paintings". These paintings play various songs that Tracy has composed through the years, Combining the Art of painting and his musical talents, by inventing and transforming a normal painting frame in to an amplified painting frame. 
California Native
mixed media
Full Blood Shield
Digital Artwork on Skateboard
End of the skate session
Digital Artwork on Skateboard
Cinon Mataweer
Digital Artwork on Skateboard
Singing Basket
Broken Guitar Strings

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