For hundreds of years indigenous people of North America have been experimenting with clay, utilizing its substance, for beauty and function.  Coming from such a background I have been combining the ideals, of passion, apprenticeship and patience in creating hand built, hand painted decorative pottery and original hand drawn pen designs on paper.  
Being of Native American descent, from New Mexico, Pueblo of Isleta and Navajo, I have been creating works of art that incorporate traditional methods, patterns and designs from previous generations while maintaining a contemporary vision.
Untitled Plates on Panel
25 Hand made plates using a Low fire Mesa Red Clay
Hand painted using black underglaze with metal and screws
Rain Of The Departed
Acrylic on skateboard
Wandering Aimlessly
Original Hand Drawn Pen and Ink Illustration on toneD paper
Mutant Six Legged Desert Animal Form
Hand Built using Low Fire White Earthenware Clay
Hand painted using black and green underglaze with nails

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